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Event Medical 3e Advanced Infant – Pediatric and Adult Ventilator

Rp 725.000.000 Rp 495.000.000


Merk : Event Medical
Type : 3e Advanced

  • Comprehensive graphics
    and trending
  • High performance internal gas source technology
  • Dual valve technology for precise breath delivery
  • Pediatric through adult
  • Invasive and noninvasive
  • Transport ventilation support
  • Easy to use touch screen
    user interface



The eVolution® 3e Advanced Ventilator is a new paradigm in ventilator design.  Dual PSOL valves ensure the precise flow, volume and pressure delivery for your sickest patients—true ICU ventilator care—while the innovative turbine design means you can deliver this ICU equivalent care wherever and whenever you need it.  The ventilator can receive O2 input from either a high or low pressure gas source, giving the eVolution precision and versatility throughout the continuum of ventilator care.

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