Medical Equipment Distributor


Rp 110.000.000 Rp 85.000.000

Merk : Masimo
Type : Root

Through Iris, Root is designed to provide built-in integration to multiple standalone devices, such as:

  • > IV pumps
  • > Ventilators
  • > Beds
  • > Other patient monitors

Root offers broad application across the continuum of care

Root is a patient monitoring and connectivity platform that offers our breakthrough rainbow® and Masimo SET® measurements with other breakthrough parameters in an integrated, clinician-centric platform. With docking capabilities for the Radical-7® handheld monitor or Radius-7 patient-worn monitor, an instantly interpretable display, and multiple networking/connectivity options, Root integrates multiple streams of data and simplifies patient care workflows, empowering caregivers to help make quick patient assessments throughout the continuum of care.

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