Bubble CPAP – Fisher & Paykel

Rp 90.000.000

Merk : Fisher & Paykel
Type : Bubble CPAP

Air Features:
– Bubble CPAP provides a lung protective, safe and effective method of respiratory support to spontaneously breathing neonates
– Bubble CPAP is safe, non invasive and lung neonates
– Effectively maintains functional Residual CApacity (FRC)
– Helps reduce tyhe infant’s Work of Breathing (WOB)
– Bubble CPAP may reduce the need for intubations and mecahnical ventilation
– Bubble CPAP tends to reduce the need for incidence of Chronic Lung Disease (CLD)
– Bubble CPAP may improve non-pulmonary outcomes

Delivery scoope

MR850 Humidifier Unit                           : 1 unit

Heated Wire Adaptor                             : 1 unit

Infant temperature / flow probe adaptor : 1 unit

Mounting bracket C-Clamp                     : 2 unit

Stand CPAP F&P                                     : 1 unit

Delivery System Circuit BC-151/161       : (1pcs)

Infant nasal tubing                                    : (1pcs)

Infant nasal prong                                     : (1pcs)

Infant bonnet                                             : (1pcs)

Infant headgear                                         : (1pcs)



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