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Infant Incubator YP-910

Rp 60.800.000

Merk : GEA Medical
Type : YP-910

Infant Incubator

Standard Configuration:

B YP-910: The hood, the base, the mobile cabinet, the controller, I.V pole, shelf;


a Power supply: AC220V-230V/50Hz or AC110-120V/50-60Hz

a Max Power Output: 850VA (YP-910)

1000VA (YP-920)

B Mode of control: Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer

B Air temperature control range: 25°C -37°C (override mode 37-39°C)

B Baby temperature control range: 34-37°C (override mode 37-38°C)

B Accuracy of skin temperature sensor: ±0.3°C

B Temperature variability: < 0.5°C

B Temperature uniformity: < 0.8°C (mattress is on the horizontal position)

B Inclination of the bassinet: ±12°

B Noise inside hood: < 45dB(A) (Environment noise < 35dB(A))

B Failure alarm: over temperature alarm, deviation alarm, sensor failure alarm, fan motor alarm, power failure alarm,

sensor box position alarm and system alarm. (YP-920 has low water alarm and tank position alarm)

Humidity display range: 0%RH~99%RH

B Humidity control range: 0%RH~90%RH: 0%RH~90%RH (for YP-920)

B Accuracy of humidity: ±10%RH

Environmental temperature:

B Operating range: 20 °C ~30°C

(Set temperature should be higher 3°C than the environment temperature)

B Ambient air movement rate: <0.3m/s

Product Packaging:

B Packing: each unit is packed into two cartons

a Dimension (Main body): 108.5cm x 64cm x 91cm

(Cabinet): 112.5cm x 66.5cm x 72.5cm

a Gross Weight (Main body): 63Kg (for YP-910)

66Kg (for YP-920)

(Cabinet): 60Kg


  • Air mode and baby mode controlled by micro-computer;
  • Humidity concentration display system;
  • Set temperature, air temperature, baby temperature, humidity concentration are displayed separately;
  • >37℃ temperature set function;
  • Failure alarm indication;
  • Embedded integrated sensor box;
  • Double wall hood, automatic air circulation device;
  • Inclination of bassinet is adjustable;
  • RS-232 connector.
  • Weighing system and Monitor shelf are optional

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