Infant Incubator YP-930

Rp 83.300.000

Merk : GEA Medical
Type : YP-930

Power supply requirement  : AC220V, 50Hz
Power requirement : < 600VA
Environment temp : 20°C~30°C
Environment relative humidity : 30%~75%
Environment air velocity of flow : <0.3m/s
Air temp control range : 25°C~37°C (temperature override mode to = 39°C)
Skin temp control range : 34°C~37°C (temperature override mode to = 38°C)
Skin temp sensor accuracy : <0.3°C
Temperature fluctuation : <0.5°C
Mattress temperature uniformity : <0.8°C (level mattress)
Temperature rise time : <30min
Noise level within hood environment : <55dB
Mattress tilt tredelenburg / reverse
Tredelenburg : 0°~5° continuous variable
Mattress tray dimension : 630x350mm
Mattress tray max.load : 10kg
I.V pole max.load : 2kg
Low Temp Deviation Alarm
Air mode : -3.0°C
Skin mode  : -1.0°C
High Temp Deviation Alarm
Air mode <38°C (temperature set point <37°C) or <40°C (temperature set point >37°C); skin mode <40°C,
High Temp Cut Out Alarm
Air mode <38°C (temperature set point <37°C) or <40°C (temperature set point >37°C); skin mode <40°C,
Sensor Alarm
Activated if sensor does not connected, short circuit, open circuit, or does not place in the right position
Motor Alarm
Activated if motor stop, or run speed <1000rpm, air flow jam
Power Failure Alarm
Activated if power break down or power cord does not connect when opening the unit
System Alarm
Activated if internal E²ROM failed