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Patient Bed – Stryker SV1 Versatile Patient Care Bed

Rp 590.000.000

Merk : Stryker – USA
Type : Sv1 Versatile Patient Care Bed

Standard Features :
• Centrally-located brake pedal
• 4-wheel, steel brake with swivel lock system
• 6″ (15 cm) casters
• 500 lb. (227 kg) weight capacity
• One-hand, intermediate siderails
• StayPut bed frame design

Features :

*Nurse Control Pendant

Convenient foot-end location allows easy access for caregivers and helps avoid disturbing the patient.

*Patient Control Pendant

Remote control with flexible cable allows for patient comfort and ease-of-use.

*Durable, Full-Coverage Siderails

Siderails include outer controls for caregiver convenience and inner controls for patient comfort.

*Bed Extender

For taller patients.

*X-Ray Backrest & Cassette Holder

To accommodate imaging needs.

*Linen Tray

To stow Nurse Control Unit at Footboard.

* StayPut Bed Frame Technology
The movement of the Stryker-exclusive StayPut Bed Frame maintains the relative location of the patient when the head of the bed is raised. This helps reduce the need for patient repositioning once the bed adjustment is made.

* Reduced Patient Falls
Patients also remain in close proximity to bedside belongings as the bed is articulated, helping to reduce the risk of patient falls when paired with clinical best practices.

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